Cam pan won’t reconnect after getting taken off

While it was updating i exited out of it and i think it might’ve broken it since when i got back i got the error code 90. I deleted it to see if it would fix it but it got worse, now it keeps clicking as if it’s already connected but it’s not. i can’t reconnect it now. i’ve done the sd framewire still doesn’t work. please help

Did you use a 32gb or less sd card formatted in FAT32?

I did, it’s a small usb thing probably that FAT32 but, i installed the update and put it in and it turned blue but back to yellow. Plus it keeps making that clicking noise i was talking about and the light turns off randomly.

Are you using the included power adapter and cable? Sounds like it could be a power issue

yeah i do use the ones in the box. i thought maybe that was the problem.

It’s very important that you know the sd card is 32gb or less and it’s formatted as Fat32. You can check this info in the properties window on your computer.

Also make sure you put the .bin file at the root of the SD card, and it has nothing else on it.

Hold the setup button while plugging the cam in, and continue holding until the status light changes.

Read the directions very carefully on the support page.