Can't control bulbs

All of sudden I can’t control my bulbs at all. I tried resetting and adding them, and can, but still can’t control them. I say off and it stays at 100 brightness.


Same here! Seems like an issue with the service. Bulbs don’t reply to app commands or Alexa.

Same here. Lights status appropriately shows in the app, they just don’t do anything. They’re not responding to shortcuts nor direct app control. I’ve tried power cycling, and that didn’t help.

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Having the same issue. I’ve removed and re-paired each bulb and they are still not controllable.

Fortunately this seems like an issue for more than just me!

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Mine isn’t working either. Everything else in my system works but I have zero control of the bulbs.

Add me to the list. Everything worked fine yesterday but not working today. The app shows everything working fine but the bulbs don’t respond.
I am using the app on iPhone and iPad.

Same. @WyzeGwendolyn opened a ticket earlier but this seems to be widespread. Does this qualify as a known system issue for Status Issues?

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I am having the same problem. Worked yesterday, stopped working today. Same troubleshooting steps. No change.

I just checked mine due to the sudden frequency of issues and mine are still working through the app, I can turn on and off and adjust settings. It does seem the sudden frequency of issues indicates a problem.

Same issue here.

Same here.


I just started having this problem, too. I tap the button to switch the light on/off and the button responds but the light does nothing. The sliders aren’t working either. Tried removing a bulb and reading and the process was successful but still not responding to commands.

Same issue here.

Light does not even turn on with motion sensor any more.

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same problem here, all 10 lights have lost control. Guessing something crashed at wyze

Same to the motion sensor trigger.

All of my bulbs are down. Can’t control any of them. Very disturbing.

Same problem here. They worked fine around 6:00-7:00 PM est, then all of a sudden they quit responding. Also noticed that the bridge is not responding.

This has been happening to us for several hours, cams are fine, bulbs not so much. How do we contact Wyze about this?