Can't Connect With WiFi - Cam Outdoor

Got my sixth Wyze Cam last night (Wyze Cam Outdoor), hooked it up and let it run all night.

When I tried to open the camera in the app this morning it wouldn’t re-connect (error code -20010).

After looking into all the settings, and power cycled multiple times, I came to the conclusion that my WiFi can’t handle so many connection.

So, I hooked the base unit directly to Ethernet…and the problem went a away.

This POS Spectrum router just can’t seem to handle so many connections, and the bandwidth that comes with it.

So, my question is this…

Is there a device that would boost the number of connections of WiFi?

I have a WiFi extender but I don’t think that would work.

How would I even connect the base to such a device?


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There are many members that have had issues switching the base connection from ethernet to Wi-Fi. I have never tried it and don’t need to because all my cams have great signals with the base connected via ethernet. One important note; Never delete a camera or the base if they are showing off line or you will never get them set up again.
See second paragraph under Problem.

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Thank you, Antonius

I wasn’t aware of not being able to set up the camera again if I delete the camera from the app and it’s not turned on.

Does it have to be connected or just turned on?

The directions say if it is NOT CONNECTED to your network/ Shows off-line on the app like the cloud with a line through it) do not delete from the app.

So that little icon is a cloud?


Ok, Thank you for the heads-up on that. :slight_smile: