Base Station will NOT connect to router via WiFi

I have a Linksys 15812 Dual Band WiFi Router, which has served me very well for years. I connected my base stations via hard wire and it works great. I have a situation where I need to move one of my base stations to another part of the house. Under the “Device Info” page you see “Change Connection” with the “Ethernet” setting already established. If you click on the “Change Connection” option you will see a popup that says “Connect to WiFi” and “simply unplug the base station from your router and it will connect to WiFi automatically” and the “OK” button. I want to disconnect from the Ethernet and go to WiFi to get a better signal from my cameras. This option does not work. I have tried it on both base stations. I get an IP address while I’m on ethernet. The MAC addresses for both base stations are registered in my “ALLOW” list.
Has anyone figured this out yet? I would appreciate some input on options. THANKS

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Try disabling your 5ghz WiFi temporarily.

Hi and Thanks for responding. Great idea, unfortunately not the fix. It did try to connect the base station (flashing blue light) but not happening. Thanks again

I am having the same problem. Basically will not work at all now. Anyone have any other ideas? Tried resetting it and everything else I could think of.

Hi, I think I may have figured out my issue. The router has a limit on how many WiFi devices it allows. I have reached that amount. You may want to check if your router has such a limit. Good Luck!

I just got mine working! Turns out Wyze can’t connect to Google Home Wi-Fi if “Use Wi-iFi protected access 3” is enabled. Disabled that and it works again

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Hi, I just read an earlier post regarding the security settings. I just tried it here, with a negative result. I have an issue with prying neighbors, so I have to keep security levels high. Maybe the folks at Wyze could look into that setting and bring the devices up to date. I’m glad you got it fixed.

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