Base Station not connecting over WIFI

Base Station firmware
Wyze app V2.24.52

I am able to connect the Base Station to my Apple AirPort Extreme via Ethernet, but any and all attempts to switch to WIFI have failed.

Sometimes I get “Failed”, sometimes the blinking and connection go smooth for a while, but then I get “Connection Failed”, or whatever. Long story short, the base station works fine over ethernet, but it just doesn’t want to connect over WIFi.

I found a workaround from some time back, which dealt with a similar problem when trying to connect to a WIFI network whose name included spaces or other “unusual” characters. Well, my WIFI name is of the “ABC 123” kind (i.e. a combo of letters, a space, and numbers). So maybe that is still the issue here. I can’t tell, bc I have not attempted to change my network name (and I will not, either).

So I wonder if there is something that can be done to connect over WIFI, or should I just resign to the fact that this will never work for me?

Can you upgrade to the latest app and try again? You are a couple major revs back, and there have been some changes to the base in that time.

If that doesn’t help, do you have a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network that are using the same network name? If so, try turning off the 5 GHz leg long enough to add it, as some routers want to prefer that over 2.4 GHz.

Lastly, if it still doesn’t work, could you eliminate the space in the SSID long enough to see if it will connect? If that fixes it maybe I can lobby for a firmware change. :slight_smile:

Its most likely what you said the blank spaces

Thank you for your replies. I upgraded the Wyze App to V2.26.21, did the whole WIFI procedure again, and this time it worked! I even disconnected the base station and moved it closer to my outdoor camera, and upon powering it up again, it went straight into WIFI connection. Problem solved. Thank you again.

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Great, we have a few base/hub and there over 75 + feet away from cameras with no issues we have all the base/hub mounted up Hi like 12 + feet