Can't connect to AT&T indoor wifi

My camera won’t connect to my house AT&T wifi

Welcome to the forums! Can you provide more info, like what camera you are experiencing issues wut, what error messages you are seeing, what set up step is giving you trouble? What wifi hardware you are using? “Paint the picture” I like to say because we are not there looking over your shoulder and know nothing about your system or use case yet. Thanks in advance!


Wyze cams , like most other cams can only connect to 2.4ghz wifi networks, your router is probably a 5ghz only model

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Yes, we need tons more info. Walk us through your issue.

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I doubt such a device even exists. While there are certainly 2.4 GHz only chips, I don’t know of any company that manufactures 5 GHz only WiFi chips or chipset, meaning a 5 GHz only device would have to purposely disable part of the included functionality.

I wouldn’t put it past some ISPs to “helpfully” turn off the 2.4 GHz radio on their provided routers, however. More common are the same SSID being used for both bands so that it can appear to some devices to only have one. Devices also tout 5 GHz, leading some people to assume it isn’t there