AT&T Internet Air

Just switched to AT&T Internet Air. All Wyze devices now offline. Trying to connect base station and light blinking blue. Router has two channels. Any suggestions?

Most all WYZE equipment uses the 2.4 Wi-Fi network. Is AT&T just a cellular 4G or 5G and or LTE network?
If you are using a battery powered camera and base station you have to connect it to the same SSID and password it was originally set up on or it will not work at all unless: You connect to the original network SSID and password. Make sure it is all connected, delete from your account on the app cameras FIRST then the base and then you can set it up on a new 2.4Ghz network with a new SSID and password. Complete new set up required

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It provides both channels on the router, 5G and 2.4G. Not sure how to ensure device connects to 2.4 rather than 5G.


Take note. This is apples and oranges. Read this a couple of times to make sense. 4G and 5G and LTE simply refer to the generation and next generation of cellular service. Neither of those have anything to do with WiFi. Saying this again. 4G or 5G are basically the 4th and 5th generation of cellular service.

Now, separate from that, we have WiFi. WiFi had for years only 2.4 GHz. That’s a frequency also called a “band”, 4G and 5G are not frequencies. After many years IEEE created 5 GHz. 5 GHz is also a frequency and has nothing to do with cellular networks/service. Let this sink it, and it will serve you. Read it again, (please).

Note for you. 5G is not the same as 5 GHz WiFi. People get sort of lazy and don’t pay attention to what they are saying and often say 5G in reference to WiFi when they mean 5 GHz.

And then a couple of years ago IEEE created 6 GHz. Mostly used to connect Routers together to make a mesh. Using this newest FREQUENCY 6 GHz, they didn’t slow down your router’s 5 GHz frequency by adding traffic to it.

I hope this helps. the AT&T Air is connecting like a cell phone to the Internet. Your WiFi can’t connect to the Internet without something like the AT&T Air (or a cable modem). The AT&T Air is sort of like a cable modem, but works on cellular networks. And like some cable modem, it has the router features built-in and has WiFi, Remember this is two pieces of gear that complement each other, made into a single device. Most of us don’t use these combo units because we like mesh routers and there’s no cable modem/mesh routers, they are simply a single router.

Now, that was the basics. @Antonius is correct, your best luck, your simplest method for getting your gear back on a network is to change the AT&T’s router side to match what your old equipment was using to connect. We mean the SSID/network name and the passphrase/password. If I were you, I’d contact AT&T tech support and ask for instructions to change their stuff to match what you were using. They usually don’t like that. They usually create unique network name and passwords, and don’t like you using what you want to use. But press them. Also, go to Youtube and type in your at&t Air’s model number. Someone has likely changed their and made a video to spread the message.

You can complicate all this by trying this. Get your old router you were using out, before you got the AT&T Air, and plug it into the Ethernet port on the AT&T Air. It might just connect without any extra effort, then your old gear will be able to find the old SSID/network name and password you were using. There might be a small drop in performance, but I doubt it, and I doubt you would notice. And if that part does not make sense, look on Youtube for how to connect an old router and use it as a “Bridge” or “Access Point” to a new router. This is all good experience. It all goes into your “mental vault” and help you understand more of WiFi.


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I agree with @Sam_Bam . I think you can find the owners/user manual for your new AT&T gear online someplace. You could then change the SSID and Password for the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network to match what you were using before or set up a guest network on the 2.4 network with the same information. The battery powered cams with base can not just be moved around to other Wi-Fi connections like the plug in cameras that just require a reset. Your new AT&T gear probably has one SSID and one password for both networks. Since you are paying AT&T tell them to change the 2.4Ghz network SSID and password to match what you were previously using.

I appreciate reading this. I know the difference between 5ghz and 5g. I know what a pain it was to get my Internet setup to work with all the 2.4g devices I have. 2.4g is my guest network so I used that. I have DSL in an older neighborhood with no fiber but now apparently this AT&T Internet Air is available. But I am afraid it will not be as user friendly as what I have now.

I need more research I guess.