Can't clear badge/notification for CamPlus feature/upsell

I’ve been getting the “event report updates” in-app notification for a while now and it’s really annoying. Even when I clear it, it’ll keep coming back at least once per day.

Then at the end of the new feature info it tries to upsell me to Cam Plus, even though I am already signed up.

Seems like a bug or an annoying shotgun spread attempt to upsell free users that affects paying users too.


Go to account > notifications > app discovery and turn off event reports


Does this turn off the feature itself, or just the “here’s something new” notification?

It might just be the poor app design (a lot of it isn’t clear), but that makes me think it turns off the feature entirely.

This is a new feature, it seems to be rolling out to some accounts. You can access it any time from the events tab, and the top click the little square icon.

Disabling it in the notification settings page just disables the popup