Cam Plus notifications - without cam plus

Have had cam plus for a year. Didn’t see the need for my limited application.
Now I am getting Notifications for cam plus stuff that I can’t see. Just little ads to get cam plus again.
Why is that? I made the decision to stop cam plus. Leave it at that.
Amazon strikes again I suppose.

You are getting those Ads within the app because you no longer have Cam Plus. Wyze is very… :thinking:persistent… tenacious… blunt… in their in app marketing efforts.

The best you can do is to turn off your in app notifications and try not to click on any feature within the app that you know requires Cam Plus.

Thank you for the information.
This is just one more nail in the coffin that is Wyze. 4 cameras. 1 doorbell, 1 watch, a few smart plugs. Glad to give it up once I find a more reliable, if more expensive, service.