No notifications with cam plus

I recently purchased a cam plus subscription for my outdoor cam which has been working well for months. When I activate the subscription the cam still records events but I stop getting notification either by push or in the app itself. I went through all the settings but the only way I can get push notifications to work is by removing the cam plus subscription. Has anyone experienced this? Cam plus is basically useless for me if I cant get push notifications with it.


Same here. No notifications as soon as I signed up for Cam plus. Help? I had ppl walking between my house at 12:37 this morning. Would be nice to know!

I am having the same issue. Very frustrating.

Called to troubleshoot. New Camera coming. My speaker also sounds bad. When you talk it sounds all garbled. Although after the update yesterday I am getting some notifications. I really think itc is connected to cam plus.

My cam works fine when I turn off cam plus. I don’t see how it can be hardware related.

I have an outdoor cam with cam plus. Few days ago, it has stopped sending messages. I believe it stopped working after applying the latest firmware. My phone app was also updated, but that was few days before that and if I remember correctly, messaging was still working after the update, so I think the problem was caused by the cam firmware update.

I don’t think it is hardware either since it didn’t start until I opted in to cam plus. But since my speaker sounded terrible and he says it shouldn’t…

I chatted with tech support today. I was able to get notifications working with cam plus after changing the cool down setting to none then back to 3 min. We will see if it lasts.

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I, too, am not getting notifications with the Cam Plus subscription. It’s a little frustrating.

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I got 3 notifications while on with tech support so they thought the issue was fixed. I haven’t gotten a single one since then. This seems like a back office issue since the cam is still capturing and uploading events.

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I’m in the same boat… everything was great and then due to all the marketing I signed up for cam plus and bam, zero notifications on my outdoor cam. Super annoying!

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Updated info: I purchased another outdoor cam and it behaves exactly the same way with Cam Plus. What I found out while playing with it is that i DO get a notification if it detects a “person” event" but its its only a “motion” event then I DO NOT get a notification even though its configured to send motion notifications. This was all tested with the new firmware released yesterday which the release notes say it “fixes a bug with person detection with Cam Plus”.

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After another update (base station) I get one notification a day, that’s all, very weird :slight_smile:

Just another reason I keep ignoring the notices on my 4 outdoor cams and base to upgrade the firmware. All 4 cams and a new V3 are all on cam plus and I get notifications all the time, all day long. I am using cams and base. I refuse to change until all the bugs get worked out of every new firmware upgrade.

I agree, All of my WYZE battery cameras are being used for Person, Package detection. I still get bunches of alerts for sunlight & bush movement but zero persons from the camera - WOW! ( as of 3/1/21 )
But I will admit every once in awhile, ( as of 3/3/21 )
Alexia will give me a announcement “Person detected at front door”

My v3 camera on CamPlus will not send a notification on iOS for vehicle detection. Will get an occasional person detection notification though.

No push notifications now since I upgraded to cam plus. WhY?