Is there Cam Plus Notification fix or workaround?

I’ve seen the many posts about cam plus not providing PD notifications, but of course I purchased it before I saw them and now mine is no longer working. Is there a fix or workaround I might have missed or do I just need to disable it and go back to the 12 second ( which was fine for me if it didnt have a 5 min cool down)

Huh? Not sure which posts you mean. I don’t recall CamPlus specifically as something that caused notifications to fail. It seemed more related to app and phone setups than CamPlus as far as I heard. (I have never had CamPlus.)

Unless you’re talking about the name your price PD?

here is one of them

Okay thanks. Most of that seems to be about lack of recordings / events entirely, not just missing notifications for those events. It also doesn’t seem specific to PD. Sorry I have no suggestions. Have you tried support?

Have you tried power cycling each camera after toggling the camplus service on? I moved two cameras to a different site and wifi network this week so had to set them up from scratch. Camplus events were not coming in when I first set them up. After enabling and rebooting the camera’s it started working. You could also try setting up the camera from scratch again to see if that helps.

It worked fine until I purchased the Cam Plus, then the camera went offline and I could not get it back online although I could watch it live when I left the live screen it would be back to off line. I tried lots of things, ended up removing then re-adding. that got it back online ( that was yesterday ) but no notifications untill… 10 min ago then it seems to magicly be working without me doing anything, well not working properly but working. I have it set to PD notifcations only, I’m getting all notifications so that still needs to be fixed… I would be much happier with the old 12seconds just remove the 5 minute cool down.

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