Can't Adjust camera audio

I feel like I used to be able to adjust the audio playback from a camera in the app by just pressing the volume up or down buttons on my phone. Now all of a sudden I can only mute or unmute but not adjust it. Am I remembering that wrong or is this a support issue?

I’m using a OnePlus 5T on Android 10, Wyze app v2.15.21 (I just realized I have an update to v2.16.23 so I’ll try that and report back if that fixes it.)


This happened to me too. The audio on the video for my Wyze cam v2 is one constant level in the app. Adjusting with the phone’s volume control does nothing. The only thing that can be done is turning off the sound with the mute button in the app controls. I’m using an LG V20, Android 8, with wyze app v2.16.23

Having the same issue. It’s been like this since the last update.

Same, google phone and no control over the volume when I’m watching the camera. If the kids aren’t talking loud, there is no way to make it louder to hear them. I’ll have to try on an iPhone and see if they can control it.

Same issue with my Wyze 2 camera. I can’t adjust the volume when using my Pixel 2xl or my android tablet.
I can adjust the volume with no issues from my wife’s iPhone.

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Wyze, this is disappointing. Controlling volume is the most basic of functions. What’s going on here?