Cannot retrieve my Cam Plus

I recently updated my Wyze app and lost all of my Cam Plus licenses. Help!

Did you order from the Wyze Website or Google Play?

You can try clearing the cache, or uninstalling and reinstalling the app (maybe rebooting your phone) and see if that helps. I would also “force-stop” the app and reload it.
To force stop the app or clear the cache, hold down on the icon, select App info, then you can select “Force Stop” from there. Also from there go to Storage & Cache and clear the cache.

If you are still having trouble, contact support. One way or another this will get straightened out.

Let us know how it goes.

From Google Play. I cleared the cache and restarted the app, still no cam Plus showing

Hmm, if you ordered the Cam Plus subscription from the App, then you’ll probably have to contact Google Support to get them to show up now. Google and Apple control all subscriptions purchased through the app. Since you have Android, that means you’ll have to contact Google and tell them your subscription is missing for some reason.

You might also want to log into the Wyze website. Look at your “My Account” and "My Services’ to see what is listed.

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I will try that, thank you for your help. Do you know a number where I can contact Google.

Here is the link to the support website:

Looks like they will give 2 contact options: