Cannot have Pan Cam V2 siren as action

When setting new rules I am unable to set the Pan Cam V2 to set off its siren when triggered by something. There is not option for it at all even though the camera has a siren itself. Please fix this asap, I replaced my v3 with a pan cam for more surveillance and now I just lost my night alarm.


I believe you have indeed found a bug as this option was available previously

This is a rule I set where v3s and Pan Cam V2s trigger the siren

These are the only options I get for the Pan Cam V2s now.

Pan Cam V2 FW
iOS Ver 2.30.0 (a3)
Android Ver 2.30.0 (b118)

Tagging @WyzeBaohua @WyzeAndy to kindly review.


Funny, I just posted the same thing about the siren yesterday in the forum. I have it set up for 2 cameras but not successful now with a new camera. Previous 2 camera shortcuts still work fine.

I just made a post but I just now noticed there was siren for pan 2 but can’t add as an action either. This is May 10th so looks like it hasn’t been addressed yet.

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I have mentoned this via phone call and it’s still an issue. Why even have the siren if you can use it as an action for the triggers? Is this ever going to get resolved?

Hi @FriendofFeralCats,
I meant to post this in the fix-it-Friday earlier this month and spaced it. :pleading_face:

I use these sirens as well for my leak sensors and have a bunch more sensors to add, so hoping this gets some additional visibility.

Will for sure post it the first Friday of June in the Fix it Friday.

Could be that Wyze is working on it now, as it has been mentioned in the beta channels during testing, but there is some time in between identification, development/fix, testing, to deployment.

I’m keeping a watch on it and will follow up with any updates I see.


Thanks. I’m just a bit scared to order the outdoor 2 because what if the sirens can’t be used as an action on those? I do appreciate your quick response.

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This has been posted in the Fix-It-Friday

Give it a vote

Is there a schedule to get the siren added back as an action?

Pete (Ret)

Hi @Driveguy.

No schedule, the Wyze team will provide an update later next week as to the items selected for fix it Friday and the status. Keep an eye on the above link.

I too had my Wyze Cam Pan V2’s with siren trigger then like a dummy I updated software without giving it several days for others to try it out first and report bugs or features removed and now that option is GONE in trigger rule! Please put feature back. Have 6 Wyze Cam Pans and they are all useless to me now. Have a Pro subscription also but thinking about just leaving Wyze and going with another brand. I know for a fact the Wyze Cam Pan v2’s can have the trigger siren rule and worked well when I had rules enabled…


And it’s Back!!!
Can set Rules to trigger sirens on Wyze Cam Pan v2’s AGAIN!!! Thank you!!!

Currently in Beta Program and on Version 2.33.0 (14)
of the Wyze App.

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