Setting Up Pan V2

I have 6 V3’s and am very pleased with them. Now I’m struggling with setting up a just received Pan V2 and have to ask what may be some dumb questions (and there may be more to follow). By the way, this is to be used as a Kitty Cam to view our cats’ activities and speak to them when we’re away from the house.

#1 - Is the siren only activated (turned on) by manually using the “Siren” button under “More”?

#2 - How do you permanently disable the siren from activating (not how to turn it off once it begins sounding)? I do not want to turn off all sound. If the answer is some type of “rule” has to be created, please explain in detail how to do that including the exact wording.

#3 - Is there supposed to be any capability for automatic rotation to follow detected motion?

Thanks for any help that’s offered!

  1. Correct, needs to be turned on manually
  2. The icon for Siren will always show, There is no way to get rid of the Siren icon under More.
  3. Enable Motion Tracking, It is an option under More. Once turned ON the camera will move to track the motion events.

Just what I needed! Thanks.