Cannot get Wyze camera to connect thru GLi router

I hav a Wyze camera (small basic one) and a Gli mini router, solely for the purpose of using it in hotel rooms to ensure that my dog isn’t bothering folks with barking. I am trying to set it up at home first. The Gli will connect to my home internet wifi. The Wyze will connect to my home wifi. But the Wyze will not connect to the GLi. It says that it cannot connect after I read the bar code successfully. I’m using my iPhone to work on all of this. Any help? I have searched on other help and how-to videos but everything seems okay, it just won’t work. I’m surely not signing up for the plus program with Wyze if I can’t even get the one thing I got this for to work. Thanks!!!

Does your portable router have 2.4 and 5 ghz as separate ssids? That could create problems if they are the same.


Welcome to the forums! Does the gli router have any special characters in the ssid name? Anything beyond numbers and letters?

Here is a support page which may be helpful.


Are you resetting the camera? Because once it’s connected to your home WiFi it would have to be reset to connect to any other network. It sounds as if you are…

Also fhe iPhone would have to be on the Gl.inet network, NOT on your home WiFi, while setting up the Wyzecam.


Hi and yes, I’ve tried resetting it completely multiple times. I will check the router SSID tomorrow for special chars too and change it if so. Also did check that article - will go back and try all again. The camera doesn’t work thru the mini router at home or on the road. But the router works and the camera works. Just not thru the router and I bought it specifically to watch my dog when she is alone in hotel rooms. She barks and I don’t want us kicked out of anywhere on an upcoming cross country month long trip! Also wondering if I really should’ve gotten a Furbo or something like that.

Thanks but no, it does not. Only the one.

Just to be even more clear…

  1. Attach your gl.inet router to the main router as a wireless client. If the main router’s WiFi name is “MainSSID” let’s call the gl.inet router’s WiFi name “MobileSSID”.

  2. Attach your phone to MobileSSID. Test for Internet access.

  3. Begin the Wyze setup process on your phone and RESET the WyzeCam via its physical button.

  4. Connect the WyzeCam to the MobileSSID.

Because when you say the camera works I keep thinking you are leaving it on “MainSSID” instead…

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