Cannot get my Samsung Galaxy Note to connect

I have two Wyze Cam V2’s. Both worked easily and flawlessly when I had an iphone. I switched to an android and haven’t been able to connect my cameras since then. Most of the time the app won’t even open. When it does open and I click on + New Device, there are no options on the next screen. There are no devices listed for me to pick from. I have my phone connected to my 2G wifi. I’ve tried not being on wifi, 5G, 2G, you name it. I’m so d@mn frustrated I can’t even seen straight.

One time, I got to the screen where you’re supposed to use the camera to scan a QR code that populates on your phone. Nope. No QR code for me.

Can someone please tell me what I need to be doing or how to fix this?

Thank you!!!

Try, Uninstall the app , Go to the play store and find wyze cam App And install it

I’ve tried that multiple times with no success.

is it the original galaxy note?

I have a galaxy note 9.

Have you enabled all permissions?