Cannot Find Network Name

I just bought a camera. tried setup. no luck. I do what IO’m told and the camera says it cannot find the network. I saw someone else had same problem and was told their cellphone may be looking for a 5G network. That’s not possible here as their is no 5G here. I can’t work out how to get support from Wyze. Rebooting the router achieves nothing! (Wyze is beginning to convince me this was a lousy purchase. The app is 150MB - how are people supposed to want 150MB apps on their phones when the manufacturers and service providers fiull almost all the memory with bloatware? Apps should run on an expansion card!). So folks, what exactly am I meant to do? Thanks in advance for help setting this up.

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Welcome to the forum.

Are you referring to the newer 5G mobile data?
5Ghz Wifi is not the sane as 5G cell network.
Most home routers in the last 10 years or more broadcast in 2.4 Ghz and 5.0 Ghz wireless bands.

Is it not showing Wifi at all?
Is your phone connected to your home Wifi?
On your phone, try turning off Mobile Data.

Hi Thanks for sucha quick reply.

I just switched Mobile Data off, it made no difference.
I probably was referring to the new 5G being implemented in certain countries/locations. We don’t ghave it at all. My router is brand new. Ni idea what Ghz.

The router would support both bands but is your phone actually connected to it?
Even if it was broadcasting only on 5 Ghz it should still show up if your phone is connected.

I’m not strong on technology. My guess is this. I was with another service supplier and that provided 2.5GHz. For various reasons, I was forced to change service (at the service supplier’s suggestion!). Unbeknownst to me, my only other choice of service supplier probably supplies 5GHz in-home wifi. This means I’ve paid for old technology that will never work. I’m disgusted by Wyze, selling outdated crap. i’m even more disgusted by all teh review sites that say Wyze is the “best” solution without accounting for it’s outdated technology and the fact that more and more people will find Wyze fails now or soon, as locations update to 5GHz. I’m convinced this explains my problem (and thank you for pointing it out). I have already reviewed Wyze negatively. I’ll survive the loss. Next time, I’ll know more about what to check before buying - sadly the review sites were pathetically inadequate.

I thank you for the help and for the amount of time you gave to this.

If you share the make and model of your WiFi router or WiFi access point, I would be more than happy to try and walk you through setting up a 2.4GHz SSID as it sounds like right now your router/access point is only broadcasting a 5GHz SSID.

I’m not trying to pour salt on any wounds or make any excuses here. With that said, 2.4GHz WiFi is what most Internet of Things communicate on. Is 2.4GHz older, yes it is. However, older doesn’t mean crummy or worse in all cases. The fact is 2.4GHz WiFi penetrates through walls better and travels much further than 5GHz from any given router.

You can test this yourself if you would like. Purchase the newest most expensive wireless router or access point that you can afford. Setup both a 2.4GHz SSID and a separate 5GHz SSID. Go for a walk down the block with your mobile device then start walking back towards your home while monitoring the wireless signals that come into view on your mobile device. The 2.4GHz SSID will be detected by your mobile device long before the 5GHz.

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To add to your statement, alot of IoT stuffs don’t need bandwidth, or alot of speed. Wifi cameras, yes at time that is useful to them, but my handfuls of bulbs, and robot vacuum (sorry Wyze, it’s a Shark), dyson fans, washer/dryer etc just need a solid wifi connection for their commands.

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2.4 Ghz Wifi is not outdated. It has a purpose.
Your unwillingness to answer my questions tells me that you had already made up your mind that this was not going to work and that it was Wyze’s fault.

The reason being, even if your phone was connected to 5.0 Ghz is should still show up when connecting the camera.
I don’t know of any ISP that installs 5.0 Ghz Wifi only. That would cause them a lot of headaches.
2.4 Ghz connections are very common with Wifi cameras, switches, receptacles and other home automation.
@Known1 and @Omgitstony have explained why.

If you actually want it working answer our questions and we will help you.
Router make and model would be a good start.
Do you know your Wifi SSID and password? Don’t post here, just yes or no.


ALL, I really appreciate the responses and I am learning new stuff either from what you say or because it causes me to follow up and check more. So, many thanks.

Known1, - and I really appreciate your offer to walk me through changing the router set-up. I need to change the password (forgot it! but that’s easy enough. Then I’ll take a look inside and see if it’s easy to change from 5 to 2.5MHz. If not, I’ll come back to you hear. Don’t want to waste your time unnecessarily. But I’m REALLY grateful.

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Yep definitely want it working. Ii now understand the 2.5MHz may actually be better for me - I use no Internet Of things solutions, just wife for laptops/cellphones/tablet and now the camera (I hope).
Couldn’t answer earlier, I was 150km away from home.
Router is HUAWEI, Model B612s-51D

No, NOT going to post passwords :slight_smile:
No, forgot password (I’m no spring chicken, have memory problems) but I’ll reset and enter new password tomorrow (late now).

Additional info appreciated.

I’m really impressed with how many people actually offer help :slight_smile:


Many modems come with a standard password and user name. Check your Huawei paper work or do a search for your model setup if you don’t have the manual. On my modem I had to type in the modem address then log in with standard user name and password to change the user name and password. Good luck.

The default SSID, Password and IP address are supposed to be on the bottom of that modem.

From what I can tell it appears to be 2.4 Ghz only, no 5.0 Ghz band.

So the question is and continues to be; is your phone connected to that Wifi?

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You bet and happy to help out a fellow WYZE enthusiast. It looks like others have already replied to your other messages, so I’m not going to jump in and potentially step on toes. If you want to take the conversation private feel free to send me a direct message.

I did find a manual for your device:
B612 Manual


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That’s the same manual I found.
I don’t see any reference to dual band Wifi.

I am connected to the router’s wifi (when I’m home, obviously, and I’m home most of the time). The router has it’s factory password printed on a label so that’s easy. I’ve completed things I had to do this morning so I’m about to reset the router and create a new password. Not sure what happened with the old one as my wife wrote it down but it doesn’t work! Anyway - I’ll be back soon.

Understood. No problem.

Thanks. Yes, tried all that. Got nowhere. About to reset the password. Will check for a manual as well. is doing his best to help me.

Hi again. This is the updated status…
To cut a long story short (including the need to get local support from my internet service supplier), problems with the router have been resolved AND the camera is working. I was on a 2.4GHz in-home wifi service all along so i now assume that the router had problems (since some needed to be resolved today before I could obtain admin control of it).

After router access was fixed, It took 3 attempts to get the camera to connect. But from the start, it behaved differently today than yesterday (yesterday it did not rotate when plugged into the power, today it did).

I am not in the back of the house observing the street in front of the house. So tomorrow, I will install the support brackets that will allow me a perfect view. In just over 4 hours, i will get to see what the night vision is like.

Many and sincerest thanks I appreciate your tolerance and assistance.



THANKS so much for all the support. I answered to explain that the camera is now working. Problem appears to have been the router that was serving wifi to my laptops and cellphone but in some way managed to prevent the camera connecting. Access to the router is now fixed and the camera now works.


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