Network issues

Im trying to install a third camera in a different location under another network. The previous Network comes up but not the new one that im trying to connect to. I’ve even tried entering it manually and still no luck. Any suggestions

Are you certain that the network in the different location is on 2.4GHz? If it’s a 5GHz network, your smartphone will see it, but the Wyzecam won’t. A common problem is in locations with dual-band routers or access points operating on both frequencies.

Yes it’s on 2.4

Make sure your phone is first connected to the new network before you try to set up the camera.

It is. Im always connected. The other network keeps coming up. I don’t get it.

You may want to try a factory reset of the camera and a force restart of the app, then try again. See Support link top right for instructions.

I think we need more specifics. Another network where? At another location maybe? The previous network comes up where? You tried to enter it manually where?

Typically all the camera needs is to know the name and password of the 2.4 GHz network you want to set it up on, and know that network uses WPA/WPA2 encryption.

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I have 2 cameras in another address and in trying im trying to set up 2 more and different address. The network with the 2 to previous camera keeps coming up. The new network at the new address does not come up. Its 2.4

Are you physically at the new address when you are trying to set up the new cameras?

Yes I am

Well, I still don’t know where it’s “coming up”, but let me hazard a guess to a solution: If you are setting up 2 cameras that used to be on another network in a new location, then you need to press the setup button on the bottom of the camera and go thru setup again for the new location.

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Yes understand. Im doing the setup from the beginning. When it comes to the part of connecting to the wifi network, the network for the other 2 cameras come up not the new network

When the other network comes up in the app, can’t you just manually write over it with the new network name/password?

I also tried that. And it does not connect. Im not sure what to do.

I think at this point your best bet is to submit a support request (in the app: Account > Help & Feedback) so you can get more personalized help.