Cannot connect to camera

I am outside with excellent LTE signal.
And i cannot connect to camera.
I asked my wife at home and she can access it just fine.

@edhchoe - I wouldn’t call 2 bars excellent LTE signal. That’s actually a weak signal. Are you and your wife accessing the cam at the same time? Restart the cam and close and reopen the app. Then drop resolution to 360p. Hopefully you get access. My experience is Wyze cams are notorious for disconnects in weak signal environments.

all my other apps work fine and i didn’t used to have this problem. my other camera connected fine and played live video. I have two cameras. this is the cam v2 that won’t connect.
youtube plays just fine.
i could not access the camera at all. so i could not change the resolution.
I even deleted the app and reinstalled it. it didn’t help.

when i got home it worked because i was connected to wifi.

Wyze is a different animal. That’s why so many users are forum members, sharing experiences, learning from those experiences and then posting to assist others who are having problems with advice and solutions that solved our issues.

You didn’t share any results or indicate if you tried the suggestions I offered.

If you have a XFinity / Rogers / Shaw XB7 gateway modem router, then the current workarounds are contact your ISP to upgrade to XB8 or set your XB7 into bridge mode and use your own router.

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YouTube works totally differently than Wyze cams. it buffers the stream so it runs smoothly. Wyze cams have no ability to buffer.


Been having issues for days. Swapped out with new cam v3 and 2 hrs later again cannot view live in the app. My wifi is excellent. All other v2 cameras working good. Cam v3 still follows tracking.

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yes. it is Wyze issue. not our LTE or wifi.

So today I removed sd card and formatted. Factory Reset both Cam Pan V3. Set them up and worked for about 2 to 4hrs. Now down again. App and firmware up to date. And again cant use live view. Error message says lost connection recommends move closer to router. I moved both Cam Pan V3 closer to router still didn’t work. Whats weird is they still follow and track even though you cant view or do anything in the app. All other V2 cameras working good.

I bought a new OG cam and it connected fine. I have only two cameras at my house and one is v3 and the other was v2.
the v2 stopped connecting.
I replaced it with a OG and now both v3 and OG can be viewed just fine.
v3 has Cam plus and OG doesn’t have any subscription. Neither did v2 that died. v2 was almost 5 years old.

FAULTY USB CUBE - I was getting 360P error messages on the app, but it turned out the USB power cube failed after several months. It was for my farthest camera so I was thinking it was a connectivity issue. Just FYI.


I bought another OG camera and now both OG cameras connect pretty quickly on my LTE.
OG camera software really feels light compared to V2 and V3 camera software.
I hope the OG cameras last another 5 years before I have to upgrade.

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