Cancelling Cam Plus service and no refund

I bought about 5 cameras 5 months ago with the Cam Plus bundle and gifted away these cameras. I unfortunately did not know that I had to cancel the Cam Plus subscription even though there are no cameras in the account. I understand, and even though I could not get a refund, and there were not cameras in the account, it is understandable. They then went on to cancel the subscription.
2 months later, I realized they are still charging. I called again and complained and this time I feel like it is their fault. With the proof of email trail, I demanded they refunded the last 2 charges at least. They would not budge and will not refund and made “sure” to cancel this time. I could not cancel the subscription online (says I have no subscription) and I could not change my credit card (fails). To make sure they won’t charge me again, I will have to cancel the credit card they are charging on.
I do not feel good about it and decided not to trust the company anymore going forward. Rep was dismissive of my posts and does not even address my proof and just point to the policy.


I am sorry about the frustration in trying to cancel this. DO you have support ticket numbers from the original time you tried to cancel and the most recent one? I would like to have someone look into it.

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