Canceled Wrong Cam Plus?

I activated a new camera yesterday, and when I went to assign it to my Cam Plus Unlimited license in the app, I noticed that I had an old Single Camera Annual Plan renewing today. What perfect timing! So I tapped “Edit Plan,” and it said to go to the website, which I did.

I saw the subscription, thought it matched the same expiration date (4/27) and unsubscribed. Imagine my surprise when all of my cameras lost access and I received an email with a pro-rated refund on my Cam Unlimited plan. I went back to the website, which now shows I have ZERO Cam Plus subscriptions.

Today, the Single Annual Plan renewed, and I was frustrated. But then I realized that my Home Monitoring also renewed. I then remembered I may have a free Single Annual Plan with the Home Monitoring. However, it used to SAY that alongside the Single Cam plan. Incidentally, I can’t find where to manage that Home Monitoring subscription either.

So I’m in desperate need of getting my Cam Plus Unlimited reinstated but have no idea how. Any ideas? Support has yet to respond to my ticket.

The single license you saw in your Services - Cam Plus page was the complimentary Cam Plus License that comes with the HMS subscription.

It shows under your CP Unlimited in the Services tab as:

In your website account (, it shows as a Bonus Cam Plus Annual Plan along with the Bonus Sprinkler Plus:

Cam Plus Unlimited in the App Services page will show as:

The Cam Plus Unlimited plan on the Website account should have been:

The HMS Subscription should be found in the App by dragging the top listings (Cam Plus, Cam Protect… Etc.) All the way to the left to reveal Home Monitoring:

In the website account, it will show as:

At this point, be very thankful that you got a prorated refund. New subscriptions don’t qualify for that. And, be thankful the price hasn’t increased… Yet.

What you will need to do is purchase another Cam Plus Unlimited license and assign all the cams to that license. Once you do that, all your subscriptions should renew on the same day.


Thank you! Yes, I’m assuming that’s exactly the case. Until recently, however, there was a single, helpful line that explained the source of the license.

Also, I have no idea how to get my Plus Unlimited subscription reinstated. Still waiting on Wyze Support, as I’m guessing that’s my only hope.

Okay - I just logged into my services account again and under My Subscriptions, all my services show. This includes the line I mentioned: “Bonus Cam Plus Annual Plan - Upgrade one of your Wyze Cams with premium features. FREE as long as you keep your Home Monitoring Service.” This tab was completely EMPTY last night, except for an “Add a subscription” button. I wonder if my crisis unfolded at a terrible time while their systems were updating or something.