Cancel Hub chime when door opened

Why does this door (Entry Sensor v2) keeps triggering the HMS hub chime everytime it is opened ?

This is the only door doing that.

If you are hearing the tone when a door is open, you may have included it in HMS:

  • Start the App
  • Scroll down and Select Home Monitoring options
  • Select Tune Settings and you will see a screen similar to below. Turn off the items you do not want the Chime to sound on.


Oh you are right, I was looking at the wrong setting here!


I hear the chime from one of the doors opening and would like to disable it. However, I don’t have Home Monitoring feature, so I can’t get to the screen you refer to. How do I remove the chime?
Some more info, if it helps. I used to have Home Monitoring, but I never configured this chime. And one door triggers the chime, the other does not.

Short answer, without HMS you can’t. You might be able to remove and add back the sensor, but I think, from my experience, whatever setting you had before cancelling or allowing HMS to lapse is the one that sticks with the sensor and there isn’t any way to change it.