Canadian Solar Panel Availability

Hello, I’m a Canadian looking at purchasing my very first Wyze equipment. I’ve been looking at specs, figuring out what I need, and pricing things at the Canadian Wyze store.

Unfortunately, the solar panels are out of stock at the Canadian store, and seem to have been that way for a few weeks now. I’ve also looked at Canadian Amazon, and they don’t appear to have any stock of the official Wyze solar panels (just other “compatible” panels). Best Buy Canada is the same situation as Amazon Canada.

The US Wyze website seems to have the solar panels in stock, so I’m just wondering if/when stock will be coming to Canada?

Thank you

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Welcome to the forum fellow Canuck. This is a user to user forum and no one here has inside information on Wyze product availability. Your best bet is to contact Wyze directly.

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I contacted Wyze through their online chat, and they currently (as of July 12, 2024) do not have an estimate of when solar panels will be back in stock in Canada.

So I asked if there were compatible alternatives from other manufacturers, and they said no, I can only use Wyze-branded solar panels.

I asked if the American store could ship to Canada, and they said no.

They suggested going through a distribution partner, but when I look on Amazon or Best Buy there are no official Wyze-branded solar panels listed (not even “out of stock”)

So it seems like Canadian customers of Wyze, who want to put their cameras in places where electrical connection is not available, are simply out of luck. Maybe some random day in the future they will have solar panels in stock again.

From what I can see on Wyze’s web site the panel is 2.5W, 5VDC so any panel over 2.5W but not over 5VDC should work. If the USB connector is not the same get an adapter and problem solved.

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I was about to purchase a 3rd party solar panel, but I checked the Wyze Canada store one-last-time, and they’re in stock again! So I have some official Wyze solar panels that should soon be shipping to me. Thank you everyone for your help.