Can Wyze please post the answers or logic behind the Treasure Hunt clues

  • Were the 3 “CANT RELATE” states that touch Montana the 3 Canadian Provinces?

  • What on earth is “nancogoriee” Google has NOTHING and it wont translate from any Scandinavian language either.


Dave said they will be doing a video that will explain everything just like they did the last time they did a treasure hunt. They just haven’t posted it yet.

For those wondering, Wyze did a new “Treasure Hunt” for $10K where they posted a live stream on TikTok showing where the treasure was then posted hints about it for someone to find it. Their live stream got like 10K violations against TikTok’s policies :joy: so their account was banned for a few days. Then they got it restored and overcame the issues by playing ads on the bottom half of the screen of Kyle discussing all the products, and then TikTok was okay with the live stream.

First Clue:

Second Clue:

Third Clue

Fourth Clue that Gave it Away:


@Bembel The recap details are posted now:

Correct. Although it never said it was touching 3 states. It said it was inside a STATE which touches “some” (not necessarily states, just some somethings) “who can’t relate”…so it’s in a state that touches 3 other things that can’t relate, which was talking about British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, all of which AREN’T US states, and so can’t relate to being a US state because they are instead 3 Canadian Provinces and not a US state like Montana.

It was a scrambled word. If you unscramble it, it is “Coregoninae” which is the scientific name of “whitefish” (one of 3 subfamilies in the salmon family Salmonidae) and the name of the the town, lake and lodge where the treasure was.

So if you used the other clues to know it was in Montana, and on the line and near a ski resort, you could figure out it was in Whitefish, Montana at that point.

THANK YOU! - the “nancogoriee” was what scrambled me - then again, I never even noticed the fish serving fork and knife in the image - all around great clues - congrats to the winners

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