No questions will be answered in this thread, only posed (to hang 🤰 ly evermore)


Winning Winning Winning Winning Winning Winning Winning


This thread is starting to feel like Wyze jeopardy. ‘I’ll take Security Cameras for 200 please”.

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Hate Jeopardy, love the comment :grin:

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How is this thread different from the other thread where I already won?

Almost seems like Mods should merge the 2 threads:

Should I tell mods to merge these threads, or how are they different?

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Why do you hate Jeopardy!? What did Jeopardy! ever do to you‽

(Don’t take the Carver’s bait in his mendacious assertion of victory!)


Did Little Stevie Wonder?

Seen a lot of things in this old world
When I touch them, they mean nothing, girl

Hey I worked hard to make that bait irresistible, chummed the waters and everything.


I have my cake. I’m eating it. What’s the problem?

So chummy you are! Yet sometimes it’s fun to be the spoiler!

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Is that a question or a statement?

Questions are not allowed on this thread, or so I read it somewhere.

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Comment un système de sécurité basé sur le wifi et dépendant du cloud peut-il être sécurisé?

Why are you feeding into the French/frog nationality pejorative with this post?

What would be the best response for me to slur the United Statesians?

Wie kann ein WLAN-basiertes, Cloud-abhängiges Sicherheitssystem sicher sein?


Das kann es nicht. QED

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Score :one: for the :frog:.


Dat kan niet

ذلك غير ممكن