Can Wyze Cam be used as a webcam for Zoom?

Desperate Mom here. My son’s cello lessons moved to Zoom indefinitely due to COVID-19. I managed to find a studio microphone, and a WiFi adapter for my server running Win10, but just discovered that my older Phillips Pixel Plus webcam is not compatible with Win10, and every reasonable camera is backordered for a month or more. I guess everyone else is doing the same thing :frowning:

So could I just use the USB to plug my WyzeCam into my computer to work as a webcam for Zoom?

As of right now no, this is not possible u less you jump through some technical hoops.

But on the Facebook core group there was a feeler post about adding a firmware that allows the Wyze cams to be also webcams. But no time or date or anything related to release or if it is actually happening. I hope it is! Keep an eye out


Seems, according to Reddit, that this has been in the works for a couple of years. Oh well, thanks for trying. I think my son is going to have to give up cello lessons for a while, because I can’t find any solution. I can’t afford a $900 4k camera, and with Verizon’s datacaps, it would be useless anyway. My son’s teacher only has one lung and is a lung cancer survived, so there’s no way he can risk giving in person lessons until this is over

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I am sure there are options out there right now for you to have a webcam that are between a Wyze cam that might have a webcam firmware soon and a $900 4k camera. Wyze cams arnt even 4k. Wyze as a company, or Wyze Labs has only been accompany for a few years. The talk about web cam firmware on the core group was from a founder just this past week. So I am personally keeping an eye out for more info. Head over to the core group in FB and check it out for more recent info. I bet this C-19 stuff has that new feature on the fast track.

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There are plenty of options, and every single one of them are backordered or sold out. The only “in stock” items I found ship directly from China in 30-55 days. If you can find a camera, by all means let me know. I’m desperate!

There is now a way apparently - but it requires an older cable to connect - usb A to A. the directions are here:

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try this?

install driver incompatible mode

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Wyze to the rescue! @SwisMisElf


You need to reflash the camera with the Wyze version for webcam released today Tuesday 3/31/20

in lieu of a USB-A to USB-A cable, could i use a USB-A to a USB-C cable and plug this into my MacBook Pro?

Its the USB protocol I dont see why that would not work

I tested it and it did not work. Will try another cable.

I tried.
Put the demo.bin file at the root directory of my 128GB micro SD card.
Plug in the micro SD card to my Wyze cam V2.
Hold the setup button and plug in the micro USB cable.
Wait for 3-6 secs (and even longer). No “BLUE LIGHT”…
Anyone know what’s happened? Wrong micro SD card??? :frowning:

BTW. Video recording on my Wyze cam with this card works fine…

Heelo @jeffreyscl and welcome to the community.

If you have a 32GB card I would try that. I know many people successfully use larger cards in the cameras but the one thing I have never been able to do is flash with a larger one than 32GB, for that reason I have one that I use just for flashing the cams.

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Thanks @Jason21271 ,
I guess I will need to order a 32GB micro SD card then. 128GB and 256GB are all I have right now. :frowning:
Really appreciate your response. Hope the new card works.

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If not let me know and we will try to figure something else out.

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Posted this yesterday shows how to “fix” this problem

Got my 32GB card today. And it works like a charm… Guess that’s the limitation when you are using the card to flash the firmware…
Thanks @WyzeJasonJ!!!


You are welcome, that is the only area I have been limited to a 32GB, that is why I have one dedicated to flashing now.

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