Can Wyze Cam be used as a webcam for Zoom?

okay really need some help; I have the PanCam and bought this today as I need a webcam and there are none available. So I followed the instructions and no luck. I have a 32GB micro-sd card, I downloaded the zip file to computer then saved the demo.bin to the sd card; unplug the cam and inserted the sd card, held down the setup button and plugged in power, waited for blue light and nothing. Flashes yellow and then I see one quick flash of blue then it just re-powers and states ready to connect. I have read the instructions from Wyze as well as instructions others have posted. What am I doing wrong? I have Windows 10 using a Surface Pro but since i cannot even get the blue light on the camera to light up not sure if it is a computer issues. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Did you rename the file by chance? I renamed the file, but didn’t need to I guess, so in effect I had demo.bin.bin. Once I changed that back it worked just like the instructions, the yellow and blue lit up after a quick moment.

Edit/ this a good video I used to help.


Hi there, I did not rename as it was already named demo.bin and it says it is a video file opens with VLC media player? is that correct? Thanks for sharing the video that is helpful and is all the steps I have taken. Going to try again and figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks

Success!! There was an issue with my compute blocking the file - I unblocked, did all steps again, rebooted computer and viola it is working. Thanks for your help. Have a great day and be safe.

I think a simpler interim solution would be to simply use a tablet for Zoom, yes? Instead of getting a $900 webcam, you could get a new iPad for $329. Or an Android tablet for less than that.

Unless you NEED 36 webcams you wont spend 900$ these are 25$