Wyze webcam

When??? You can beat what is on the market. You are the best!!!

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Hi Wyze team!
Do you ever considered having a WiFi WebCam?
Imagine a conference room where anyone could enter to the room and make use of a webcam and a monitor by wirelessly connecting to it? Well, with the monitor we already have a wireless solution in the form of a smarTV.
Now it is time to have a wireless webcam.

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Wyze web cam with USB and zoom

I am hoping that wyze can put its technical wizards to work on a web cam with a zoom feature that could work with google tv/duo. The current crop of webcam’s don’t have zoom, so doing a family call from the couch is not good. We look like we are a mile away.

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Suggest you market PTZ webcam

an affordable Pan-tilt-zoom webcam


You’re almost there

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