Wyze as a webcam?

Will be getting a new monitor soon, probably one without a webcam. Would a Wyze camera be appropriate? If so, which one? The new computer is a Mac mini. Thanks for any suggestions.

Welcome to the community @mikembates! I would recommend purchasing an actual webcam. A Wyze cam would work, but the webcam feature was designed to be used as a temporary webcam.


What he or she said.

It also requires a specific firmware version be manually installed, only works with 2 old models, requires a relatively rare cable, and reportedly has poor sound quality. They produced the firmware as a real kindness in a time of need but it’s not the best choice if others are available.


You can buy a “real” webcam for your computer for about the same price as a Wyze camera and it will just work without having to play games with it to make it work (poorly).


Thanks to all for your replies.

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