Wyze Cam used as Webcam tips and suggestions

I wanted to begin by commending WYZE for their efforts to assist during these difficult times.
The comments from people using the new firmware were getting lost in the discussion and announcement of the the thermometer so I thought I would great a webcam specific thread.
I was one of many who could not get a webcam that would enable me to continue working whilst at home. The new ‘Webcam’ firmware has enabled me to repurpose a Wyze came and it works well.

  1. Use a good SD card freshly formatted with the demo.bin file at the root directory level
  2. Use a good usb A to usb A cable (use USB 3 quality into a USB 3 port). Issues I’ve had have been linked to the data part of the cable isn’t good.

Is there anyway to adjust any of the camera settngs? The wyze app can’t be used as I don’t think the webcam firmware has wifi enabled. Is it possible to add this to V3 of the firmware and provide a settings tab? I have tried an app on my Mac that can change a webcam’s settings but it doesn’t support the wyze cam. I emailed the app author and asked if he might consider adding it. The app is called ‘Web cam’ in apple OS store.

The main settings to adjust would be:

  1. FOV Field of view (if possible)
  2. Colour saturation and hue
  3. The amount of sharpening used.

Anyone else got any ideas or work arounds?

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Hi Crankster. Thanks for the additional tips. Wyze provided the webcam firmware as-is. The “Before You Start” and “What We Know” sections of this support article pretty much spell that out. :slight_smile:

I have tried this multiple times with a Pam Cam without Windows being able to find the camera.
Any suggestions?

  • new camera
  • new SD card newly formatted
  • new USB 3.0 A-to-A cable

Windows can’t find the camera (Camera / Zoom / Skype / Device Manager / etc)

Hi have a similar issue, windows can’t find the camera,
in MacOS it works well, with same cable I have tried on 2 windows 10 computer but it cannot find the camera.
in the device manager appears as Unknow USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

do you know what is the drive to install on Windows?

If you uninstall the device’s driver. Maybe do reboot and plug it in Windows should install and setup the camera.

Also, for people that make their Pan camera a USB camera. Make sure you adjust the camera to it’s center position because there is no way to adjust the camera location after you convert it. You will have to revert the firmware back to the default camera firmware, adjust it, then place the USB camera firmware on it.