Zoom app integration

Hey guys, I’d love it if the tilt/pan camera worked with the Zoom App. In these times, where a lot of us are having to attend (or, in my case teach) classes from home, it would be nice to have the functionality of the motors in the cam to help control and direct at a whiteboard in my office or the experiments on my side table. It would also help repurpose any cameras that we already own; this way we do not need to purchase another one, which is more cost efficient for the average college (student or faculty). A benefit of this would also make the wyze cameras more desirable, since they’d be more universal in their use.

Both cams, fixed & pan would be great w zoom integration
Granted they are not usb cams but would be perfect for the purpose.

I would LOVE this as well. And I am familiar with IFTTT & Alexa Skills, and know world-class experts in each in Houston (Hackster meetup has 1600 local members :-)).

WYZE or others: please respond to this query. I can find the resources to make this happen I believe.

Charlie aka CyberchuckTX

I received the following from Wyze Cam support folk:

Currently, our cameras are only compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa devices. Even with those integrations, you don’t have access to all camera features through those apps.

We currently are able to integrate with any video conference platforms. We have a Wishlist section of our Community where you can submit feature requests like this directly to our product team. This is the best place to let our team know what features you would like to see.

Another strong advocate here for integrating Wyze cams with zoom.

With so many of us working from home, this would be fantastic! A bit more info of why this would be so valuable:

  • While my laptop does have a build-in CAM, I prefer to use a larger desktop monitor. I didn’t find any 23" - 25" desktop monitors for under $250 that had a built in CAM, which is surprising.
  • I could not find many USB CAMs on amazon for this use. The inexpensive ones I found won’t sarrive for months. Some of them are $100+.

This would be an amazing feature for those of us working from home for the duraiton of the COVID-19 induced social distancing requirement.



Cool idea @MattChu!
Remember to vote for your own #wishlist item!

“I’ve been really happy with everything Wyze we’ve purchased (cameras, fitness bands, thermostat., door bell). I’m working with a group to set up Sunday School rooms for combined In-Person and Zoom classes. Has Wyze worked on a system of microphones/cameras/speaker to equip rooms for post-Covid Zoom use? Seems like a natural progression to meet a consumer need for Wyze in today’s world.” Thanks