Software that would allow multiple V2,V3, Pan in same location for meetings with a "director" camera selection that would be viewed by many participants (shared one way Zoom with multiple camera angles selected by one individual)

Wyze has made an impact on monitoring cameras because of there affordability. This is another opportunity that would use existing cameras but apply them to the current world situation with COVID and staying at home. Our church is now allowing people to watch meetings via Zoom.
This results on one view (usually a phone or laptop on the podium.
This suggestion would be to modify the existing app or create a new one specifically to direct a meeting (with multiple camera views). V2,V3, Pan in same location (Church, meeting room etc.) for meetings with a “director” who would select the views (speaker, music director, secondary speaker location, audience, etc. People would go to there Wyze app select the meeting (shared by the director) and have no other selections to make (older folks would find it a lot easier than zoom).

Issues that I can think of would be sound, the V2, V3 and Pan do not have the best sound. could a mic be plugged in to a V2 V3 or pan via the USB?

Thoughts, comments,?

There is another very similar thread in the Wishlist you might want to look at. I thought your suggestion was good and different in that you want a wyze app as opposed to integrating cams into Zoom.

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Nice idea but why reinvent the wheel? Just use OBS.


Works very well. I have multiple V2s with webcam firmware hooked into my desktop with an external mic. Only downside is that the Wyze cams are so wide angle, I have to zoom in within obs so it doesn’t show my whole room.

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