Can v2 not remembering on/off state

Anyone having issues with their cameras not remembering their on/off state? Noticed the issue this morning.

Same here. Thought I was imagining things but I’m not.

Turned 2 cameras (1 PanCam, 1 V2) off via rule about 8:00 this AM. Just opened the app and they both showed as being on, but I couldn’t connect to either. Tap the ON/OFF button twice and they are now accessible. Turn them both off, close the app, reopen the app and they both show as being on but can’t access.

App version 2.15.51 running on Android 10 (tablet) and Android 9 (phone).

Yay Wyze!!! Great QA once again. :unamused:

I’m having issues as well this morning. cameras won’t stay on. I manually set them to on and they turn back off after a few seconds.

they are having server issues

I thought I was going crazy too. I turned them on the would shut off. Then get notifications so that was odd ugh. Does anyone know anymore info?

Yet again? :unamused:

And this is the same company that wants to provide us with home security? Not going to happen.



Well I’m also thinking my cameras are off. Guess not! Ugh.

I can’t turn on two of my cameras. I thought they’ve reached its EOL.