Can used cameras pair to a different base?

A friend had a house fire. They had Wyze Outdoor cameras and base. The base was melted in the fire. They have offered to give me their outdoor cameras as they will be using a different system in the rebuild. Can I install these cameras on my base or are they bricked somehow, preventing them from being used/installed/paired on a different base?

The Outdoor camera has theft protection. That means the account owner must delete both the camera and the base station from their account before either can be set up on a different account. So long as they keep it on their account, the pair are effectively bricked from being used anywhere else (note this only applies to the Wyze Outdoor Cam and Base).


Very helpful. Thank you. I assume they can go to their account using the phone app even though the base is melted. I don’t want them to mail me the cameras if they won’t work. Though they could be pulled apart and something else made from them.

Yes, they should be able to delete any device on their account, even if it isn’t online. Their phone will need to be online tho, so it can remove the device from the Wyze servers.

That removal will allow you to add it to your account.

Of course the camera was subjected to high temps and a fall, so hope they are still working! Maybe you could post a picture of the scorched case if they do work, lol.


F that!! If someone steals my cameras I want to see where they are when they power up. I didn’t watch every episode of CSI during the pandemic for nothing!!!

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Yes you will need your friend to remove each cam from there current hub,once that is done you can add upv2 4 cameras