Can the Wyse OG camera run without a wifi connection?

Can the Wyse OG camera run without a wifi connection after initial set up ?
I am trying to run it at a rented garage without a wifi connection.

Run, as in what features do you still want to function? These are very wifi dependant cameras so in the end these cameras may not fit your use case depending on what your wants and needs are.

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The short answer is no. The OG Cam requires WiFi to startup every time you plug it in to get it’s settings instructions from the server. As soon as WiFi is lost, it will stay on, but all other features are lost since it is inaccessible thru the internet.

Unlike the vast majority of Wyze Cams, the OG even stops recording to the SD Card when WiFi is lost.

If you need a cam that will continue recording to the SD Card after WiFi is lost, you will need to use a different Wyze Cam. There are ways to do this, however power cannot be disconnected after it is set up, otherwise the SD Recording also stops until it gets another WiFi signal on startup.

I’d expect the heartbeat to mess up things as well unless Wyze improved that with the OG. Wyze cams really don’t like not having networking/internet. They keep trying obsessively.

I’d say splurge and get a mobile router or something using a carrier mobile data plan assuming there’s a good cellular connection there. Or an old phone factory reset phone with no accounts with large sd card and low quality recording will even work for offline recording.

Wait what?!

So since it does not support wpa3 and requires wifi to keep recording, you can broadcast a steady stream of deauth packets and the OG camera will stop recording to the SD!!! Oh wow I have to test this…

That’s a perfect exploit for disabling the cameras.