Can the camera be detached from the wall bracket?

Inserted camera into wall bracket. Heard it click into position. Can the camera be released from the wall bracket?

Not sure what you mean by “wall bracket”. Are you talking about the gray base?

I’m talking about the birdhouse looking accessory I purchased. I put the camera in but not the plug. I tried to remove the camera but no luck.

If you’re looking for help from someone who also might happen to have this third-party product, it might help to specify exactly what and where you purchased it. There is more than one “birdhouse accessory” out there.

I have a few of the bird houses! You need to spread the sides of the house, from the base of your camera! There is a small “edge” which grabs the camera on each side, so you need to spread them to remove the camera!


Got it. Camera removed. Thank you!