Wyze cam OG wall plate

I received my OG camera with wall plate preinstalled to the base stand. There is no instructions that I could find on how to remove the plate. I found a couple instruction videos on line and it looked like all they did was pull it straight off. I ended up prying it off with a screw driver and of course broke off one of the mouting nubs on the wall plate since the plate is made to slightly slide in one direction in order to remove it. Just a heads up. Its not a huge deal because I can drill a hole through the base stand and just screw it in where I intend to use it. But am curious if I can get a replacement wall plate. Has anyone else experienced this or am I just a moron.

To late now but here are the directions. I don’t have an OG so I can’t confirm it works as stated and shown.

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It doesn’t look like Wyze sells this item within their Replacement Parts collection.

I did exactly the same thing. I bought my OG camera months before actually using it and assembled the mounting plate at that time. I completely forgot how it went together when finally getting around to using it and pried it apart like you did. I couldn’t find the instructions other than it said something about it snapping together. Luckily it’s working good enough. My problem is it is very warm to the touch and also I can’t get the rules to work the way I want.

They don’t sell anything useful in the Replacement Parts.

I know.

I did the exact same4 thing… almost. I was getting ready to pry it off but something told me it would break… absolutely no instruction on how to remove this dame mounting plate. “Pushing up”" is just annoying advice - its a flat square. object. which way exactly is “up”???

OG is smaller and lighter than V3.
How come it has no magnetic mount?

This was asked of Wyze in the past. The mount and base system was a cost saving measure to keep the price in the $20 range.