Can’t view livestream on iOS and android app while on cell network

This issue has been ongoing since the incident in Feb 2024. I’ve tried everything I could find online on how to fix my cameras’ livestreams. It’s so frustrating that livestream only works on my phone when I’m at home connected to my wifi. The cameras are in place for a reason and at this point they are useless when I’m away from my home. It’s obvious Wyze has not been very supportive and have yet to find a solution that works for anyone with this same exact issue.

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Sad situation. Seems a few posts mention this issue.

I am having the same exact problem. Will not work useless I’m at my house and connected to wifi network. I cannot check cameras unless I’m at home. It’s stupid. It’s useless. Everything was working previously earlier in the year.

My ISP is Comcast, I’m using their router. I turned off my firewall to see if that fixed the issue. It has not. Are you using the same ISP?

they had serious privacy violation, people were able access others cams footage.
would not surprise they do thorough verification which stream goes where :slight_smile:

Interesting theory :thinking:

Yes I’m using the same ISP on my cameras. I tried everything I could find that others have suggested and tried. Nothing works, unfortunately.

I have the same problem on my android Galaxy S22 phone but it works fine on my wife’s iPhone. I think it might be related to the wyze app on android. Anyone else try this same test?

Works fine on my S21 and S24.