Can’t share cam

I was trying my first cam share. I entered the email address in the Sharing part of the app but my recipient never received an email. I then tried with a secondary email address and I never received an email.

Any ideas?

You don’t get email announcements. You can send an email telling them to open their app, though. When they do they should be greeted with a prompt asking if they want to accept the share or not.


Welcome @drkahn!
It they don’t see the prompt when the open the app, they can go to the account tab, then tap the messages icon in the upper right corner and they should see a notification.
Messages icon:


Sharing is still broken.

Logged in to account receiving the share. App asked to “accept” the share. Clicked “accept”. Nothing changes. The request to “accept” the share simply pops up each time you open the app. Clicking “accept” never does anything.

Same thing happens if you go to the “messages” section of the receiving device. There you have the bonus of the word “Failed” popping up when you hit “accept”.

Tested in iOS and Android.

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