Share to user not getting notice in app to accept share

I am trying to share an Outdoor Camera with another user, the share invitation email goes through fine but in the recipients app there is not option to accept the share Messages DeviceSharing
Can the outdoor camera be shared?

The outdoor camera can be shared, I would make sure their app is up to date.

Same problem, most currente version on both phones. Judging by the number of posts with this issue, I think it’s a thing.

i once added a user who did not accept the invitation immediately and when i tired to resend a week to ten days later she would not receive another invite. so i deleted the person from my share list then started over and it worked immediately. Isn’t buggy software great?

@cmcm this worked for me, it just took me a while to work out how to delete the original share, not intuitive at all. Thanks

Cannot delete the person I invited to share my camera with. I clic her name then Cancel but nothing happens. And the person is not receiving the notification in the app.

I found that if I added a second share to the person they got the invitation, and the first share could then be deleted in the app.