Trying to “Accept” a shared camera = “Failed”

Sharing a camera to another user is broken.

Logged in to account receiving the share. App asked to “accept” the share. Clicked “accept”. Nothing changes. The request to “accept” the share simply pops up each time you open the app. Clicking “accept” never does anything.

Same thing happens if you go to the “messages” section of the receiving device. There you againg see the share request. Here you have the bonus of the word “Failed” popping up when you hit “accept” of the request.

Tested in iOS and Android.

What camera are you trying to share? How recent was the share sent? What app version are you sending and more importantly receiving the share on?

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Update: Deleted the share in the receiving account under “account” tab, then the “text” icon in upper right corner, and then the “device sharing” tab.

Kept app open on receiving device and sent a new share.