Can’t Enable Person Detection

With the new update on my Wyze Cam I can not access the Person Detection Tab to enable it in my settings I clicked on the account tab like directions say but don’t see any Wyze Services tab … :frowning: I rechecked the update and says up to date any ideas ?

Do you have today’s version of the app? (v2.4.65 for iOS, v2.4.82 for Android)

To see the most recent version in the iOS app store, pull down to refresh the list of apps to be updated.


OMG LIFE SAVER !!! I guess for some reason my iOS update for the app wasn’t up to date but the firmware was and now I can enable it thank you so much !!

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No problem, glad you are up and running! Unfortunately that refresh issue in the app store can bite everyone into thinking they have the most recent app when in fact they don’t. I now refresh the app list every time I go in there to see if anything needs updating.

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Thank you. I also did not realize that I was not using the most recent release of the phone app. All made sense after I manually went into the Play store and saw there was an update.


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