Person Detection Configuration

I have just installed the latest update but can’t find where to enable person detection?

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Me too…Following!

Info in link above

I don’t see Wyze Service under Accounts?

You have to be running the latest app (released today) and firmware.

Just installed it on my Pan Cam. It says it updated but I don’t see the Wyze Service under Account

Yes im running the lastest and i dont see Wyze Service either.

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Do you have today’s version of the app? (v2.4.65 for iOS, v2.4.82 for Android)

No mine says v2.4.24

I do not. I will re download from the App Store and let you know.

If you don’t see an update in the app store, pull down the list of apps they say need updating to refresh the list.

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I got it and that was the fix! Thanks Newshound!

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Thank you doing that now!

I updated the firmware and updated the app . I was able to turn on the service and enable person detection on my V2 cameras but person detection was not working . I had to power cycle each camera to get it to work .

Wow !! I am extremely impressed with the person detection now that it is working on 4 of my outside cameras .

I have been testing all afternoon. More testing at night but it seems to work very well.

I had installed a Wyze Sense PIR just below each camera and had them enabled to trigger motion events for each camera .
The PIR would still pick up sunshine bright spots, moving leaves /branches , birds, squirrels and other varmin …

I removed all 7 of my PIR Sensors - Not sure what I am going to use them for…

is a dog a person? apparently it notified me of a person detection and when i checked it was my dog walking away from the camera.

I was on the beta of this and yes it will sometimes tag animals as people, but the AI is continually learning, there is a way you can share the video with them so it can keep learning, I believe that functionality was carried over as well


cool didn’t know that it learns over time,

hopefully this person detection cuts out the false alarms like when i get alerted for tree branches moving or shadows moving

I have been going through my videos every day and if I got a video that had a person and it was not tagged I submit it and if it tagged one as a person with no person I submit it. It has improved greatly from where it started.

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where and how do you submit those?