Person Detection is back?!


I know late last year Wyze announced that they were splitting up with the Person Detection company that they were using and gonna develop their own. In the meanwhile I was told that if I didn’t update the firmware on the cameras, the feature would still remain. However when Apple bought the company, I read somewhere that the Person Detection’s removal from all Wyze cams was imminent.

It’s been a month or two since that but I still have the Person Detection on my cameras (and they seem somehow more accurate). I also read something here about the service being cloud based now.

Am I missing something? Was another version of Person Detection released? Can I update my cameras now to the latest firmware and still have Person Detection?



Yes, it was released on 3/9/2020. However, there are caveats. Please review Gwendolyn’s initial post in the thread below. If you have questions, please ask them in that topic. (Closing this topic to keep discussion about this subject in fewer threads)

(EDIT: My apologies for initially posting the wrong URL to the relevant thread)

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