Can "Sense videos" record to SD Card "events only"?

Newbie to Wyze but have been reading and searching the forums all day. I’m testing some stuff out and I think I know the answer but wanted to confirm.

I messing around with the PIR motion sensor. Its connected to the camera to record video when motion is detected .I do get a notification almost instantly, which is awesome, and a 12 second event clip is recorded to the cloud. Its labeled “Smart video alert” . However it does not activate the camera to record a 1 minute video to the SD card. Am I right in assuming that that is just not a feature? I have read that with the camera only motion sets it off to record SD card recording, not sound. But it seems Sense alerts don’t trigger SD card recording as well, is that the case?



You are right it is not a feature for the Smart video alert to record to SD card
More info here

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