Can Plus not working

My Cam Plus subscription is valid yet my camera only takes pics, no video.

Is your Cam Plus subscription new or have you had it for a while? If it is new did you assign the subscription to the camera?

I believe so because it used to work. How can I check that?

Open the cam in the app for live view, at the top next to the cam name is a small icon of the cam model, there will be an image of a badge/shield on it. That tells you that cam is assigned to cam plus.

Next to the camera icon, it says ‘Get (pic of shield)’. When I click on it, I’m offered Cam Plus. When I click on that, it says ‘you’re currently subscribed to this’.

Can you access Cam+ under services in the account settings on the app? If so, good and if not, log into to access it. Wyze took it away and is promising future enhancements. I am also on Android. There you can see the status of the camera for Cam+. If enrolled, try unenrolling it. If not enrolled, add it.

In the app for the camera, do you have “restart” and “reset” option buttons? If so, click the reset button. Last troubleshooting option would be to delete the camera and setup again. If unable to correct with these options, contact Wyze Support and create a ticket.

Before contacting Wyze Support, try deleting the Wyze app from your phone totally, Shut off phone for a few minutes. Turn on and reinstall the app. This procedure has worked for several, including me, when trying to correct an issue.

Maybe try this first before trying the other suggestions in previous post.

Thanks for all your help. I’ll work on these later and if not working, will create a ticket.

Best of luck and do post the results.

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