Can not set up new Can Pan V3 cameras!


Just got two (2) new Can Pam V3 cameras today, and they WILL NOT set up.

A minute or so after scanning the QR code, the camera says “time out” and to rescan QR code.

  • Identical behavior on both cameras
  • Yes, I’m on 2.5Ghz band
  • Router reset, no help
  • I’ve recently set up some Wyze plugs and a Cam Pan V2, so this is not me
  • Wyze app up to date ( v2.38.1 (161) )

Now what?
There is nothing else I can do.



I do apologize for that and I believe it may be related to this issue we are currently having.


I just got done connecting mine 6pm central time 1/12/23. Took two times to connect.

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Could this interfere with setting up a new device?

I’ve been pulling my hair out, factory resetting my router, fiber gateway, redoing all my router settings by hand, disconnecting/resetting all my other network devices, etc. Hours now.

Could this interfere with setting up a new device? How to verify that?

When the Cam Pan v3 says “time out” during setup, what exactly is timing out?

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Yes it could since the devices would not have been able to reach the server before timing out. I do apologize for that.

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Okay, I’ll take a chill pill and put this off until tomorrow.

What are the odds… I get my shiny new Cam Pan v3’s and the server goes kaput the day I try to set them up :grinning:

I’m done screwing with my network for now.

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Yep, not the best time for the server to have an issue. Although there truly is never a good time.

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I had the same problem trying to set up my new Cam Pan today, too. Over and over I would reset and rescan the QR code and eventually it did work. I only set up one of the two I got so far. I’m waiting for Wyze to fix all the things that broke with the last upgrade before I bother wasting another half an hour trying to set up that other camera. The camera is nice so don’t give up on it. Somebody made a big mess with the last upgrade affecting all the cameras so they need to fix what they broke. Nothing works anymore. Everything loads slowly if it loads it all and then times out with error messages. It’s a really big mess.

Ali, Thanks for that data point. Although I just recently set up a plug and a v2 camera, I have so much stuff hanging off my home network now that I though I had an issue on my end. Now I see the news about server outage and other stuff.

Tomorrow I’ll give it another try. Maybe the Wyze servers will be settled down by then.

Thanks again,


I have a rule of thumb. Whenever I try to add a new device or do anything Wyze related, first I check the “News” section of the forum. If I see any news related to any server issues with Wyze, I know it is not my network. It saves what’s left of my hair :laughing:

I just wanted to come back and confirm that both of my new Cam Pan v3s quickly and successfully set up this morning.

One quick question: They did both prompt to do a firmware update, which I did successfully on both devices. However, on the Wyze firmware/release notes page the Cam Pan v3 is not listed.

It should be updated now.

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I’m still having issues setting up my new Pan V3 cameras! I have also confirmed my router is set to 2.4GHz, I’ve reset my router, I’ve power cycled the camera, confirmed app is up to date. All other V2 cameras and outdoor cameras are working properly. Please help!!