New Cam Pam V2 initial set up timeout

I went through the routine of setting up a new cam pan v2 (I have 4 new ones, this is the 3rd). This time it timed out even on the initial setup. I can see in my router DHCP client list that the IP address for this device was already assigned and the Mac address matched. but it always timed out. very frustrating.
My network is a mesh network with 6 Asus ax6600, 2.4G and 5G are two separate SSID. The 2.4G signal is strong with no problem. I have tried different ways of troubleshooting: resetting, power cycling, the usual tricks that the support would advise me to do, but none worked. I have had issues with Cam Pan v2 in the past but the initial setup has been fine until now. I am getting very fed up with the frustrating setting up process of Wyze cams.