Can I use IFTTT to turn on/off Wyze add-on Spotlight?

I want to:

  1. Turn on Wyze add-on Spotlight (this one: ).

  2. Wait 15 seconds.

  3. Record a short video clip on the same Wyze Cam.

  4. Turn off Spotlight.

Not sure what capabilities IFTTT has, and how the Spotlight could even be controlled.

The Wyze app almost lets me do this with Rules, but it seems I can not record 15 seconds after it turns on, it only has a granularity of 1 minute.

Basically I have a solar powered sensor, that only produces an LCD readout after the solar panel has been illuminated for about 15 seconds.

Welcome to the Forum, @psommerfeld!

I don’t have a Cam v3 or the Spotlight Kit, so I can’t see what IFTTT can control (though I’ve used IFTTT at times to interact with other Wyze devices, like Bulb Color and Plug Outdoor). I don’t have an answer, but I do have a question: How do you intend to trigger this event?

I’m asking because I think it’s an interesting problem, even though I don’t fully understand your particular use case, and I’m curious about what guidance the community might provide. Maybe I’ll learn something new!

I want to trigger based on a time.
So at, say, 8 am, turn on the spotlight, and at 8:00:15, capture a small video